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iJOBS Career Panel - Bench Positions in Industry (Panel #2)

  • September 13, 2022
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By: Sonal Gahlawat


Research in industry. Sounds chic and full of hopes and whatnot. But what does it look like? Do they spend all of their time doing experiments on the bench? What about work-life balance? I am sure you want answers to your hundreds of questions about bench positions in industry, so you're in the right place.


Life as an industry scientist at a biotech company

  • February 2, 2021
iJOBS Blog

By: Sally Wang

One of the most common questions that newly minted PhDs ask when considering non-academic jobs is about the transferability of their skills and knowledge. Given that most PhDs only know one type of research environment, any non-academic venture would appear to be a large departure from the research ecosystem that they are acclimatized to during graduate school. However, those looking to transition into the biotech sector may be pleasantly surprised at how much their skills and knowledge are transferable.