Individual Development Plans

Individual Development Plans (IDPs) are personalized mentoring and professional development tools to facilitate graduate students’ goal-setting, professional planning, and communication with mentors.

As of 2021, SGS requires that all programs use Individual Development Plans (see Academic Policies section 1.2.7).  IDPs must cover the key elements described in section 1.2.7, including academic progress and goals, career goals, timelines, achievements, skill development, DEI activities, and ethics training.  IDPs are written by the student and reviewed by the faculty advisor.  The review by the advisor, and subsequent discussions with the student, are key reasons why IDPs are recommended as a critical component of effective mentoring.

Individual Development Plans for Biomedical Sciences

In accordance with NIH guidelines, all biomedical graduate students are required to complete Individual Development Plans (IDPs). IDPs provide a structure to systematically identify training needs and competencies, establish tangible research goals, and take stock of annual progress.

Learn more about IDPs for the biomedical sciences.


Online Individual Development Plans for all graduate programs

School of Graduate Studies now provides a secure online tool to create, complete, and store Individual Development Plans (IDPs).  Programs can custom-design IDPs to meet their needs. Students can enter responses directly on the online form.  Entries are saved securely and are accessible to students, faculty advisors, and program directors.

Learn more about the online IDP platform.