Current Students

Resources for Students

Student Support

For information on support for students in various areas like Disability services, Veteran services

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Policies and Procedures

For Rutgers, School of Graduate Studies policies and procedures.

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For Rutgers, School of Graduate Studies Academic Integrity Policy.

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For Rutgers, School of Graduate Studies Best Practices and Mentoring in Doctoral Education.

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Problem Resolution

For help to resolve the problems of students within their graduate programs or other Rutgers office.

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To access the necessary forms needed, please go to the forms page.

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International Students

For all the information for international students, please visit the page for international Students.

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Fellowships and Grants

Students can avail themselves of many fellowship opportunities and grants at Rutger, School of Graduate Studies. Further information about fellowships and grants is available here.

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Graduate Programs

Access your Graduate programs here.

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Graduate Faculty

Browse the Graduate faculty directory here and access the information about your faculty.

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Health Services and Insurance

To learn more about the health services for students and details about health insurance, visit the health services and insurance page.

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Counseling and Student Wellness

Rutgers School of Graduate Studies has services for student wellness and offers a variety of counseling services. Visit the Counseling and Student Wellness page for further details.

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For graduation checklists, information and details about convocation and commencement ceremonies, please visit the Graduation page.

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For exploring graduate student career opportunities and career services, please visit the Career Exploration and Success page.

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International partnerships and agreements

See Rutgers Global for more information

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University Code of Student Conduct

All policies are subject to amendment. Please refer to the Rutgers University Policy Library website for the official, most recent version. To download the policy

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Academic Integrity and Best Practices and Mentoring in Doctoral Education

This Policy defines violations of academic integrity and outlines the potential penalties for such violations and the process for adjudicating alleged violations. This Academic Integrity Policy applies to all schools and academic units of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. To view the Rutgers, School of Graduate Studies Academic Integrity policy

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To view the Best Practices and Mentoring in Doctoral Education

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Code of Responsible Conduct and Professionalism in Graduate Education

We expect and encourage:

Honesty and Integrity Respect and tolerance

Sensitivity to differences among individuals Professionalism

Attention to goals and responsibilities

Timely and constructive feedback Acceptance of constructive feedback

Inappropriate behaviors

Mistreatment, abuse, bullying, or harassment, whether by actions or language Unprofessional criticism

Requests for personal services

Assigning tasks as punishment or retribution Sexual assault or sexual harassment Discrimination

Indifference to inappropriate behaviors that are witnessed