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RELI programs

Explore different english language programs offered by Rutgers English Language Institute

Graduate English Language Learners Program

The Graduate English Language Learners Program, at the Rutgers English Language Institute, offers an extensive selection of programs and support services for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, visiting scholars, and faculty at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Our guiding aim is to promote the scholarly and professional development of Rutgers’ global community while celebrating its cultural and linguistic diversity. 

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Intensive English @RELI

The Rutgers English Language Institute (RELI) supports multilingual English language learners in all stages of their academic careers including graduate students.  We strive to create a community of university partners by fostering cross-cultural and cross-linguistic programming across Schools and Programs, contributing to Rutgers University’s efforts to become a truly global institution.

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Graduate Writing Program

The Graduate Writing Program serves graduate students across the Rutgers community. The GWP’s mission is to support graduate students of all disciplines in their current and future writing goals, from coursework papers to scholarly articles and dissertations. Students receive extensive individual attention from highly qualified, full-time English Department faculty members.

Courses typically consist of eight class meetings and two one-on-one conferences. While GWP courses appear on students’ transcripts, they are free, carry zero credits and are graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory; satisfactory performance is largely determined by attendance and engagement. Graduate students of all levels are welcome. In addition to offering courses, the GWP hosts a range of workshops and events, such as writing “bootcamps” and guest lectures.

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Communicating Science

Doctoral students in science disciplines spend countless hours learning how to conduct cutting-edge research, but comparatively, little time learning to communicate the nature and significance of their science to people outside their field. To narrow this disparity we created an unusual course titled Communicating Science for doctoral science trainees at Rutgers University. Our goal was to help students develop an advanced ability to communicate their research clearly and accurately and to emphasize its value and significance to diverse audiences.

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Research Café

Research Café brings together the entire graduate student community of Rutgers University-New Brunswick/Piscataway campus to strengthen scholarly literacy and interdisciplinary research communication by providing a platform for budding researchers to connect with each other, share their in-progress research or scholarship, and benefit from peer feedback in a friendly and low-stakes setting. 

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