Graduate Faculty and Staff

Our graduate faculty collaborate across disciplines, drive cutting-edge research, and guides students toward industry-shaping careers.

Resources for faculty

Graduate faculty and staff directories

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Explore the staff directory page to access information about the staff at the School of Graduate Studies at various locations for any help.

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Graduate Programs

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Forms for faculty

To access the forms for faculty and staff, visit the forms page.

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Fellowships and Grants

To learn more about Fellowships and Grants at Rutgers, School of Graduate Studies.

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Policies and Procedures

To learn more about Policies and Procedures at Rutgers, School of Graduate Studies.

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International partnerships and agreements

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Bylaws of Rutgers University, School of Graduate Studies

To see the Bylaws of Rutgers, School of Graduate Studies

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Academic Integrity Policy and Best Practices and Mentoring in Doctoral Education

To view the Rutgers, School of Graduate Studies Academic Integrity policy

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To view the Best Practices and Mentoring in Doctoral Education

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Code of Responsible Conduct and Professionalism in Graduate Education

We expect and encourage:

Honesty and Integrity Respect and tolerance

Sensitivity to differences among individuals Professionalism

Attention to goals and responsibilities

Timely and constructive feedback Acceptance of constructive feedback

Inappropriate behaviors

Mistreatment, abuse, bullying, or harassment, whether by actions or language Unprofessional criticism

Requests for personal services

Assigning tasks as punishment or retribution Sexual assault or sexual harassment Discrimination

Indifference to inappropriate behaviors that are witnessed.