Mentoring for Social Justice and Community-Building

This project connects graduate student mentors with undergraduate mentees in a near-peer mentoring relationship shaped by common interests, experiences, or aspirations related to social justice research, graduate study, or community-based advocacy.

The goal of the Mentoring for Social Justice and Community-Building Project – sponsored by the School of Graduate Studies and Douglass Residential College – is to foster mutually beneficial relationships between current graduate students and undergraduates committed to aligning their scholarship, advocacy, and collaborations with social justice principles. Through training graduate students in justice-oriented approaches to mentorship and partnering a cohort of graduate student mentors with Douglass undergraduate mentees, the project aims to generate sustainable near-peer mentoring relationships shaped by common interests, experiences, or aspirations.

The selected cohort of graduate student mentors participates in a year-long experience during which they attend two training sessions on social justice mentoring, facilitate dialogues with mentees on a justice-oriented topic of their choice, host virtual office hours for mentees, and co-create a presentation with their mentees at the conclusion of the one-year experience reflecting on their learning.

Upon participating in the project, graduate student mentors will be able to:

  1. Co-create a mentoring agreement with their undergraduate mentees.
  2. Facilitate engaging and inclusive dialogues.
  3. Define equitable strategies for mentoring undergraduates.
  4. Apply social justice frameworks to mentoring relationships with undergraduates.

Graduate student mentors are compensated for their time and eligible to receive a digital microcredential from the School of Graduate Studies recognizing their contributions to socially just mentoring.

The 2022-23 project was supported by the Division of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement's IDEA Innovation Grant Program.

The 2022-23 program cycle is complete. More information coming soon.

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