Resources for Faculty

The School of Graduate Studies supports graduate faculty in advancing the University’s core diversity, equity, and inclusion mission.

The School of Graduate Studies invites graduate faculty to engage with us in a wide range of opportunities to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the graduate community, to develop culturally responsive mentoring practices, and inclusive teaching.

We are pleased to support graduate programs in the following arenas:

Graduate Student Recruitment: To learn more about recruiting graduate students who can bring inclusive excellence to your program

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Graduate Student Funding: To explore funding SGS offers graduate programs for incoming and continuing students who broaden participation in the graduate community

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Support for DEI component of grant proposals: To learn about recruitment, retention, and diversity content and letters of support that SGS can provide as well as opportunities for multi-institutional DEI-focused grant opportunities

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Inclusive Mentoring: To learn about best practices in mentoring, including culturally aware mentoring, and to access training opportunities

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Equitable and Inclusive Teaching: Learn about workshops for graduate students on diversity, equity and inclusion-focused pedagogy and culturally responsive curricula through the Teaching Assistant Project (TAP).

University-wide resources: In addition to the resources provided by SGS provides, faculty across disciplines can benefit from a wide array of educational and professional development opportunities offered across Rutgers.To learn more, check out:

DEI Strategic Plan: To visit and engage with the SGS DEI Strategic Plan

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