Biomedical Engineering

Our program is uniquely designed to advance industry and research leaders across the full range of specialized areas that encompass bioengineering and technology.

Program Description

The Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program is intended for promising students aiming to make original contributions to the field of biomedical engineering. We offer degrees that reflect individual student goals from career advancement to research-intensive. Our students receive outstanding graduate-level training from among six critical areas of biomedical engineering and technology, including: 
•    Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering 
•    Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering 
•    Computational Bioengineering and Biomedical Imaging 
•    Molecular, Cellular, and Nanosystems Bioengineering 
•    Neuroengineering 
•    Physiological Systems and BioInstrumentation


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Degree Types

  • M.S. (Master of Science)
  • M.E. (Master of Science)
  • M.D/Ph.D. (Doctorate of Medicine and of Philosophy)
  • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

Campus Locations

Busch Campus - New Brunswick

Admission Deadlines

For best consideration apply by these dates

Application Type US Applicants Non-US Applicants
Ph.D. December, 15 December, 15
MS March 1 March 1
ME March 1 March 1

No intake for Spring terms, or By Arrangement Only