DPT/PhD Program

The mission of this dual degree program is to prepare highly trained clinician-scientists in an accelerated experience.

Program Description

The DPT-PhD dual degree program is a collaborative effort between the Newark Campus DPT and SGS-Newark Health Science programs that will allow for accelerated standing in the Ph.D. program through equivalence recognition of coursework completed in the DPT program. This is a parallel to (and was partially modeled on) the existing MD-PhD Program that currently exists between Rutgers NJMS and SGS-Newark Health Science Similar to the MD-PhD program, there is a considerable degree of overlap between academic content taught in the DPT and Ph.D. programs. Enrollees in the DPT-PhD program will take additional credits in selected semesters of the DPT program to promote advanced application and integration of research methods content and provide entry into research laboratories. The additional credits will be reflected in modifications, such as reading seminars linked to existing DPT courses and one experiential rotation in a research laboratory. The majority of the academic requirements in the DPT program will have the academic equivalence to many requirements in the Ph.D. program, giving these students advanced standing when starting the Ph.D. training phase.


Degree Types

  • DPT-PhD dual degree program

Campus Locations

Newark Health Science Campus