Earth and Planetary Sciences

Earth and Planetary Sciences offers masters and PhD in a wide variety of disciplines, including geology, geophysics, planetary, and environmental geology.

Program Description

Earth and Planetary Sciences studies range from the deep Earth (seismology) to the Earth's surface (including geology, oceanography, and environmental impacts), to the planets and moons.  We combine field and remote studies with state-of-the-art analytical and statistical methods to provide new insights into the past, present, and future of our planet.  Our graduates work in academia, environmental firms, oil and gas companies, government, and NGOs, bringing analytical skills learned to new problems.

In addition to traditional masters and Ph.D., we offer an Environmental Geosciences masters option for working geologists and a "4+1" option for Rutgers majors in Earth and Planetary Sciences.


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Degree Types

  • M.S. (Master of Science)
  • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)
  • M.S. ( Environmental Geosciences)
  • "4+1" Masters Program

Campus Locations

Busch Campus - New Brunswick

Admission Deadlines

Application Type US Applicants Non-US Applicants Merit-Based Aid
Ph.D. January, 15 January, 15 January, 15
MS January, 15 January, 15 January, 15

For Ph.D. students seeking support, the target date is 15 Jan.  Applications will be considered at any time, though support is generally allocated in Feb. for the following academic year.