Ecology & Evolution

Learn how organisms, populations, communities, and ecosystems function and change for a career in research, sustainability, biodiversity conservation, teaching, industry, or public service.

Program Description

We train PhD and MS students in the evolutionary generation of Earth’s biodiversity, how this rich tapestry of life is structured by ecological interactions between species and their environment, and ways to sustainably manage and conserve this diversity in the context of unprecedented global change. With a large faculty and a focus on personal attention and mentorship, students gain the critical thinking, analytical, field, and laboratory skills to conduct research and apply their knowledge across conservation biology, ecosystem ecology, evolutionary biology, marine biology, microbial ecology, population and community ecology, population genetics, restoration ecology, and other areas.


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Degree Types

  • M.S. (Master of Science)
  • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

Campus Locations

Cook/Douglass Campus - New Brunswick

Admission Deadlines

For best consideration apply by these dates

December 15 for applicants who wish to be considered for University fellowships, teaching assistantships or graduate assistantships.
February 1 for all other applicants.

Application Type US Applicants Non-US Applicants Merit-Based Aid
Ph.D. December, 15 December, 15 December, 15
MS December, 15 December, 15 December, 15