Support for DEI Component of Grant Proposals

Our best practices for recruitment, retention, broadening participation, and mentoring of underrepresented groups have been key components of successful training grants, Center grants, and awards to individual investigators. We welcome faculty members to contact us to discuss relevant sections of their proposals, and we are happy to provide letters of support.

For NSF proposals, we are happy to provide content on graduate diversity initiatives that fit with Broader Impact. In particular, we work with pre-tenure faculty preparing NSF CAREER proposals, for which integration of research and education/outreach components is key.

We can assist faulty members with existing NIH and NSF research grants to apply for diversity supplements to fund graduate students from underrepresented backgrounds.  

Furthermore, we leverage our participation in multi-institutional consortia to amplify recruitment of and funding for a diverse pool, secure collaborative grants, and provide mutual mentoring of faculty across institutions. Consortia also provide a vehicle for posting openings for faculty recruitment. To learn more about how faculty can benefit from SGS participation in consortia,

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