Campus employment

When you’re here, we know that research is your primary goal. But if your financial situation means taking on outside employment, here’s what you need to know.

Job portal

Our job portal makes it easy to find part time and seasonal work. Just search the database to find jobs that you’re interested in, and apply to them directly with the employer who posted the position. Employers will contact you directly if they’re interested in hiring you.

  • The JLDP job database is updated daily. Students who are in need of part-time and seasonal employment should check the database frequently.
  • There are different job categories listed in the JLDP job database for you to look through when searching for jobs.
  • While there is a separate "ON-CAMPUS" category, there may be on-campus jobs listed in other categories as well.
  • Have your resumé prepared, as some jobs will require you to submit one when applying.
  • While the Student Employment Office makes every effort to research and review all employers and positions to ensure that they are legitimate, it is always wise to use common sense and caution when applying for or accepting any position, and research the facts and reputation of the business to which you are applying.

Access the portal

Federal Work Study Program

Through the Federal Work Study Program (FWSP), you can work part-time to earn money to help pay for your education expenses, as long as you’re eligible and you complete the FAFSA by the priority deadline.

See eligibility requirements

See the FAFSA application and deadlines

If you’re a FWSP-eligible student, you’ll see "Federal Work Study" on your Award Letter, as well as a link to the Federal Work Study Job Application.

You’ll also receive an email with instructions on how to view your Employment Authorization Forms (EAFs) and accept your job placement. Job placement information and supervisor contact information will be listed on the EAF. You must reach out to your supervisor to discuss the details of your job, scheduling, payroll, start date, etc. If you do not receive a job placement email by September 4, 2018, visit the SEO in-person to speak with a staff member.

If you’re a new FWSP student, you must complete and submit a job application in order to be placed in a job. Consult the general job categories list when completing the application—and if you’re a Newark student, you can review an additional list of job openings.

If you’re a continuing FWSP student, you must complete a FWSP job survey, which you will receive via email each March in order to either continue in the same job or be placed in a new job for the following academic year.  If you choose to pursue the latter, you’ll receive a link to the job application on your Financial Aid Award Letter.

The Student Employment Office will place students who have completed job applications in FWSP jobs based on the information provided on the job application, on a first-come, first-served basis.  Requests to work in specific departments will be considered whenever possible. FWSP job placements are authorized by the Student Employment Office only.

Notification of job placements begins in June and continues through the start of the academic year.

If you’re an RBHS student interested in a part-time job through the FWSP, contact the appropriate FWSP coordinator below.

Contact Cynthia Hamlett-Robinson at the Newark Campus

Contact Brian Snyder at the Piscataway campus

If you’re eligible, you can also choose to earn your funds by working in approved Off-Campus Community Service Program (OCCSP) positions. Contact the organization you are interested in working for, and if you’re hired, you’ll inform your regional SEO of the job, and set up an appointment for payroll registration by contacting the appropriate staff member below. Students cannot begin working in OCCSP jobs until they have completed the payroll registration process.

See the list of OCCSP positions      

Contact Diane McCarthy at the New Brunswick campus

Contact Nicholas Ramjattan at the Newark campus

Student resources

If you’re interested in pursuing employment through the FWSP, this is the information you’ll want to know.

In addition to being deemed financially eligible according to federal and university policy and meeting all annual Office of Financial Aid eligibility parameters for obtaining aid, all students must file the FAFSA by the Rutgers priority deadline.

Continuing FWSP students must also meet a minimum earnings requirement established by the OFA in order to be eligible from year to year.

Payroll and paychecks

All FWSP students must be registered in the Rutgers payroll system by the department they work for before they can begin working. You can elect to either sign up for direct deposit (recommended), or receive a paper paycheck. In most cases, your paychecks will be sent directly to the department you work for—unless you’re working in an Off-Campus Community Service job or for RBHS departments, in which case you’ll pick up your paychecks from the Student Employment Office.

Sign up for Direct Deposit

Find your Student Employment Office location

Pay rates and work eligibility

Pay rates for FWSP jobs are determined by the Student Employment Office based on the level of skill or experience required for the job, but they generally range from $11/hr to $15.40/hr. Pay rates for each student are listed on their Employment Authorization Forms (EAFs).  Unfortunately, at this time, pay rate increases based on merit or length of service are not offered.

You will only be paid for hours worked.  All breaks, lunches, holidays and absences are unpaid.

For more information about timesheets and payroll schedules, contact the appropriate FWSP coordinator below.

Contact Cynthia Hamlett-Robinson at the Newark Campus

Contact Brian Snyder at the Piscataway campus 

Maximum hours per week

FWSP students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the academic year when class is in session.

During breaks (winter, spring, summer) FWSP students may work up to 35 hours per week as long as the SEO has permitted students to work during breaks.

Prohibition on Studying While Working

Students are not permitted to study or complete school work during work hours while being paid with FWSP funds. All FWSP jobs are real part-time jobs and require students to work in these jobs to earn their funds.

Work Schedule

FWSP students will set up their work schedules directly with the department they work for. Students and supervisors should arrive at a schedule that allows the department to benefit from the student's availability and that allows the student to earn the necessary amount of money. The amount of funds available, the hourly pay rate, and the number of weeks in the semester should all be taken into consideration when setting a work schedule. If a change in work schedule is required, it is the student's responsibility to discuss with their supervisor.

Departmental Rules

As an FWSP employee, students are expected to adhere to the rules of the department they have been assigned to work for. These include, but are not limited to, rules governing confidentiality, attendance requirements, dress code, and rules about the use of office technology.

FWSP students are also expected to follow all instructions given by their supervisors and complete tasks to the best of their ability.  Failure to follow rules, policies, procedures and instructions may result in termination and loss of FWSP eligibility.

Requests for job changes will be accepted on or after October 15 of each academic year. If you feel that you have extenuating circumstances that warrant a job change prior to October 15, you must come to the SEO in person to speak to a staff member.

While each case is carefully reviewed, there is no guarantee that any request for a job change will be granted. It is highly recommended that you continue working in the job you were originally assigned to until they are notified of approval of your job change request.

If you wish to decline your FWSP award for either the fall or spring semester or the entire academic year, you must complete a Data Change Form. Please note that declining a FWSP award may result in loss of future eligibility.

Complete the Data Change Form

If you do not receive a FWSP award as part of their financial aid package, but believe you should be eligible, submit a letter of appeal for FWSP funds to the Office of Financial Aid.

All letters of appeal are carefully reviewed but there is no guarantee that appeals will be granted.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid

International students must visit the Center for Global Services before seeking employment.

Visit the Center for Global Services