List of Workshops for Spring 2022

SGS offers a variety of workshops, short courses, and fully online courses to help graduate students prepare for and acquire jobs outside the academia. Due to pandemic guidelines, we will have the workshops over Zoom. Meeting details will be emailed to GDs and AAs and directly to the students.

 Please email Assistant Dean Dr. Ramazan Gungor at should you have any questions or comments or the workshops below as well as any suggestions about new workshops that SGS should offer.

2022 Spring Semester Workshops (over Zoom, meeting links will be emailed separately)

  1. The Nuts and Bolts of Academic Book Publishing – February 23; 4-6pm – Registration Link:
  2. Expert Panel: Non-academic Career Pathways in eLearning for PhDs – TBA
  3. Imagine PhD Workshop--Career Discovery for Humanists – February 21; 4-6pm – Registration Link:
  4. Where will you take your PhD: How to Use Beyond the Professoriate to Land Jobs – TBA
  5. LinkedIn for Academics: How to Get Notices Outside the Ivory Tower? March 10; 4-5:30pm – Registration Link
  6. Alumni Panel: How to successfully pursue a non-academic career (based on the experiences of SGS alum who have just done that) March 29; 4-6pm - Registration Link
  7. The road to securing an internship as an international graduate student (in collaboration with Rutgers Global) TBA

Fully online courses and toolkits

CV and Resume Toolkit for Graduate Students (a Canvas course that you can access using your NetID following this link: