Master’s Degree with Thesis Checklist

A note on virtual defenses: 

The School of Graduate Studies will permit remote defenses for candidates and their committee members. Any digital signatures of committee members must be verifiable. This includes (but is not limited to) e-signatures such as DocuSign or Adobe sign. Scanned signatures or images of signatures are also acceptable. If you are using Docusign please refer to the Office of Information and Technology's website here for information on how to get started using the service.

In lieu of a verifiable digital signature, a committee member can type their name into the field and then provide a written email/letter attesting their approval as an appendix to this form. Original pen/ink signatures are also acceptable should that be an option available to the committee.




  • October 1, 2024, for an October 2024 dated degree
  • January 6, 2025, for a January 2025 dated degree
  • April 1, 2025, for a May 2025 dated degree
  • You are not eligible to receive your degree until the following requirements have been completed and returned to the email address. Submit all degree materials #1-4 in one email before the deadline.

1) Diploma Application

Complete the Diploma Application online.  Save and return your email confirmation as a PDF that shows you submitted a diploma application online. This is the graduate registrar's form to create and distribute your diploma. Your submission is incomplete if you do not send proof of completing this form online to the submission's address. 

Please make note of the email address you list as your contact on this online form. The address listed is what the registrar uses to contact you on your diploma status and the address used to invite you to convocation.

2) Candidacy Form and Title Page 

Complete the Candidacy Form. Obtain committee and director signatures on your candidacy form and your title page. (Applicants for the degree of master of philosophy should complete this form.)

Submit your completed candidacy form along with your signed title page. Both forms should be signed. Each should be saved as a PDF.

  • A total of three (3) committee signatures are required for Sections A and C.
  • Your program director must sign Section E.
  • Both course and research credits must be listed.
  • Here is a sample Title Page (this document should be signed).

The guide contains information regarding style, format, margins, footnotes, etc., and should be followed explicitlyThe online style guide has sample pages to follow located at the bottom of that webpage.

3) Degree Candidate Responsibility Statement

Print and complete the form.  Save and return it as a PDF.

4) Publishing Agreement 

Complete the Proquest Publishing Agreement form online

The uploaded thesis should include a title page without committee signatures. Please have your committee members sign the form being sent to

Once completed, click on "Manage this ETD"> "View ETD Details"> "Print your Details Page".  Save and Return your "ETD DETAILS" page as a PDF.

Final electronic submissions will only be reviewed after all the above forms are completed and returned to in one email as PDF attachments to the Your thesis must be submitted and approved by the deadline for the degree date listed on your title page.

A note on submission procedures:

  1. You must send ALL of your requirements together in one email before the deadline. 
  2. You must send your attachments in PDF format. Please do not use zip files or links to download.
  3. Email only when you have all of the required materials completed. 
  4. Please do not send multiple emails with pieces of the checklist.
  5. Send your complete submission to

All forms must be submitted before the deadline.