Job openings: REACH Collaborative is hiring graduate students.

Join the Rutgers Equity Alliance for Community Health (REACH) as a process or content coach.
  • September 9, 2022

Call for Applications: Rutgers Equity Alliance for Community Health (REACH)

Rutgers Equity Alliance for Community Health (REACH) is hiring graduate students to serve as content coaches and process coaches for Collaborative Learning Tables focused on different social determinants of health. To apply, interested graduate students should email their resume/CV to at the earliest opportunity. 


The REACH initiative aims to use a translational model to develop and implement best practices in addressing five social determinants of health in three target cities during its first four years of existence. The work will facilitate partnerships between academic and community-based experts in each of the five areas to identify strategies to improve outcomes in the social determinants areas with an ultimate goal of improving overall health outcomes. The five social determinants of focus are: Education, Employment, Food Access/Security, Housing and Population Health. The target cities are Camden, New Brunswick and Newark. The work will be structured through the establishment of five Collaborative Learning Tables (CLT) — each focused on a different social determinant of health. 

Brief Position Descriptions

REACH is seeking five graduate students from across all Rutgers campuses for each of the following positions (for a total of 10):

  • REACH Collaborative Learning Table Process Coach: Each Collaborative Learning Table will have a Process Coach. The Process Coach will serve as an observer and facilitator to optimize team functioning as it conducts the work of creating a community of practice and translation pathways for each Table. The Process Coaches will be trained by the Center for Creative Leadership and will be paid a $5,000 annual stipend for approximately 6-10 hours of work per month. Learn more in the full job description.
  • REACH Collaborative Learning Table Content Coach: Each Collaborative Learning Table will have a Content Coach. The Content Coach will bring subject matter expertise to the work of the CLT members, in addition to doing research to identify best practices and key thought leaders from around the country on the SDOH that is the focus of the table. The Content Coaches will be paid $20 per hour for approximately 10-15 hours of work per week for at least one year. Learn more in the full job description.

Application Process

Successful candidates might come from any relevant department or program at Rutgers. Interested candidates should email their resume/CV to at the earliest opportunity.