iJOBS Workshop: Applying to faculty jobs at R1 universities (panel 1)

Event Description

Applying for academic jobs and making the transition from grad student to postdoc and then to faculty member requires advanced planning and strategy. Come hear from faculty at Research Level 1 (R1) to get their advice and feedback on how to prepare and approach a faculty position. Note that there will be 2 workshops this summer for jobs at Primarily Undergraduate Institutions (PUIs) and 2 on R1 universities with different panelists for each event.

Topics covered will include: How to select a postdoc that will eventually help you land an academic career; Discussing with your postdoc PI the project that you will take with you and getting them to help you advance your career; What other things you should be doing during your postdoc to be ready to apply for faculty jobs; Applying for K99/R00 grants; Deciding R1 vs PUI; Finding academic jobs to apply to; Preparing the research statement; Preparing the teaching and diversity statements; Preparing the job talk; Preparing the chalk talk; Preparing for the interview itself and tips; Negotiating offers; Setting up the lab; Filling your lab with students, postdocs and techs; Teaching for the first time and preparing classes; Service to the university; Preparing for tenure and expectations

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