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Take your manuscript figures to the next level! Join us for a free workshop on creating better publication quality figures in BioRender. In this webinar, learn actionable tips and techniques for designing figures that will impress your manuscript reviewers. 




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Colgate-Palmolive provides consumer products globally and employs PhD level scientists in many roles.  Come meet those employees and learn how they have applied the various research skills learned in graduate school and postdocs to the consumer industry and tour the facility and labs. 

IN PERSON ONLY 909 River Road, Piscataway, NJ





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As a global leader in R&D genomics services, Azenta (formerly Genewiz) leads the way in providing superior data quality with unparalleled technical support to enable researchers. A full-service provider, Azenta provides high throughput/next generation sequencing, Sanger DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and GLP regulatory services. Visit their location in person to more about the company, hear from PhD level employees who hold various positions at Azenta and tour the labs to see the company in action!

IN PERSON ONLY 111 Corporate Blvd, South Plainfield NJ





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Frank Malinoski, MD/PhD has over 30 years of executive experience in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, including work on numerous vaccines and immunotherapy products. He has an extensive background in the fields of vaccines, immunology, oncology, infectious disease and other therapeutic areas. He is Chief Medical Officer for EveliQuere Biotechnologies GmbH, and President of TD Consultancy. He was Senior Vice President at Affinivax and also held positions of Chief Medical Officer at Liquidia, Senior Vice President, Medical & Scientific Affairs at MediImmune, and Vice President, Clinical Affairs and Global Business Development at Wyeth (Pfizer), as well as senior leadership and consulting positions at several other biopharmaceutical companies. Dr. Malinoski began his career as a Clinical Investigator and Chief of Viral Biology at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. He received his BA from Colby College, his PhD in microbiology from Rutgers University, and his MD from Albany Medical College. Come hear his perspective working at various companies and his advice on how to approach your own career.


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Making your LinkedIn profile highly visible and building your brand is essential for expanding your network and helping you get hired. However, most of us struggle with what and when to post and how to increase our contacts on LinkedIn. Penny Pearl of 2Actify is an expert at helping scientists articulate their unique value and create a brand that we can use for marketing ourselves as researchers who have transferable skills. Attend this workshop to learn best practices in posting and connecting with others to improve your chances of getting noticed by those who matter!


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Scientific and strategic consulting is one of the hottest growing career options for PhDs. Come hear a panel of Lumanity employees who are in life science consulting and review a case study to get a feel for if this is the right career choice for you. Being a consultant allows you to use your technical expertise to help biotech and pharma companies with diverse projects and practicing case studies is critical for getting hired in their field.


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Get advice on everything from how to select an appropriate journal to best practices in exerimental design, manuscript preparation, and submission to help you get your papers published. The speaker will be Andrea Marat, PhD Senior Scientific and Reviews Editor, Journal of Cell Biology. Andrea did her PhD at McGill University and a postdocs in Berlin. Andrea joined the Rockefeller University Press in 2016 as a Scientific Editor at the Journal of Cell Biology. In addition to handling research manuscripts, Andrea is responsible for all Reviews and Perspectives published in the journal.


Congratulations to Chase Bebo

  • January 30, 2024
Awards & Honors

We want to congratulate the RISE 2023 scholar Chase Bebo for his continuing his work as a full-time research technician under the guidance of Abhishek Roychowdhury from Navajo Technical University in conjunction with Sean Kinney from Rutgers University. We wish him the best as he finishes up his two prospective manuscripts before advancing into graduate school.


Picture of Chase bebo

2023 Rutgers iJOBS Symposium

  • January 12, 2024
iJOBS Blog

By Natalie Losada


An ode to all academic researchers.