Ph.D. Graduation Information & Forms

Biomedical and Health Sciences - New Brunswick | Piscataway

We strongly suggest that you use the DocuSign system to obtain digital signatures on the forms. Docusign Rutgers’ chosen secure electronic signature system to replace paper-intensive processes.  Students can request a new account at Enter your email address/username as when prompted. Log in to your new DocuSign account at Visit for training and support resources.

Degree Material Deadlines

  • October 1, 2023, for an October dated degree
  • January 6, 2024, for a January dated degree
  • April 1, 2024, for a May dated degree

Information regarding thesis workshops, copyright, convocation, and commencement can be found by clicking here



The guide contains information regarding style, format, margins, footnotes, etc. and should be followed explicitly.


You must send ALL of your requirements together in one email before the deadline. 

You must send your attachments in PDF format.

Email only when you have all of the required materials completed.

Please DO NOT send multiple emails with pieces of the checklist.

Send your complete submission package first to Tina Marottoli ( and then

1.  Online diploma application.  Save and email your confirmation that shows you submitted a diploma application online with the package.  Please note the email address you list as your contact on this form. The address listed is what the registrar uses to contact you on your diploma status and the address used to invite you to convocation.

2.  Final Defense Forms for biomedical students.  After a successful defense, save and return your completed final defense form along with one original title page signed by your committee in PDF format with a package.

  • Committee members and program directors must sign pages two and four.
  • Both course and research credits must be listed on page three.
  • Here is a sample Title Page
  • View the Style Guide online

3.  Survey of Earned Doctorate (SED) form. Save and email the last page ‘Certificate of Completion.’

4.  PhD Student Exit Survey Save and email the ‘Verification Sheet’.  

5.  Degree Candidate Responsibility Statement. Save as a PDF and email.

6.  Proquest Publishing Agreement form online and upload your dissertation. Once completed, click on 'manage this ETD'> 'View ETD Details'> 'Print your Details Page'.  Save and email your "ETD DETAILS" page as a PDF. Electronic submissions will only be reviewed after all the above forms are completed and emailed to the School of Graduate Studies.

7.  Alumni Information form

8.  Copy of your updated CV using the required format (click Sample CV

NOTE that students should request maximum embargo time (2 years) for their electronic thesis in consultation with their PI.  This 2 year period allows for time to publish the data and protect intellectual property.

Also, students should use a lay abstract for their electronic thesis which will be visible to the public in order to protect intellectual property and publications.