Congratulations to winners at Annual Biomedical Graduate Student Symposium hosted by MBGSO

  • March 26, 2024
Awards & Honors

Congratulations to the winners at the MBGSO Graduate Student Symposium!

Oral Presentation
First Place: Kiranmayi Vemuri
Second Place: Kyle Flannery

Poster Presentation
First Place: Leelabati Biswas
Second Place: Robert Madromootoo
Third Place: Reem Alatrash

Also see attached for beautiful artwork that the graduate students created by making squared depicting what research means to them. This will be hung by the V Rooms in the Research Tower.

Thank you to our hard working MBGSO Board for putting together such a wonderful symposium! Program is attached for your reference. 

President: Nora Jaber
Vice President: Ryan Fink
Treasurer: Reem Alatrash
Secretary: Noah Mac
Program Coordinator: Melinda Liu
Content Creator: Eton Victor

MBGSA award winners 2024