Meet the Mentors with the Mentoring for Social Justice and Community-Building Project

  • July 12, 2022
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The School of Graduate Studies and Douglass Residential College are delighted to introduce the cohort of graduate student mentors participating in the inaugural Mentoring for Social Justice and Community-Building Project.

These five graduate students are enrolled in programs across disciplinary areas. They proposed mentoring projects on topics ranging from supporting Women of Color in applying to graduate school to practicing asset-based community engagement. The graduate students will each mentor a team of undergraduates on the justice-oriented, community-engaged topic they proposed that is of mutual interest to the mentees.

Over the course of one year, mentors will participate in training in critical, social justice mentoring and will facilitate a series of group dialogues and one-on-one conversations with their undergraduate mentees. The project will culminate with presentations co-produced by mentors and mentees to be shared at a Spring 2023 symposium.

Learn more about the mentors and their creative mentoring projects.