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iJOBS and Erdos with Myra McCormack

  • November 9, 2021
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By Vidur Sarma


Jobs related to patent law and intellectual property (IP) rights are booming and right now make up a significant percentage of the United States task force. According to a report titled ‘Intellectual Property and the U.S. Economy: 2016 Update’ released by the U.S. Commerce Department, industries focused on IP contribute to 38.2% of USA GDP, 45.5 million jobs, and 46% higher pay than that obtained through non-IP industries in the private sector.

iJOBS Workshop on Patent Law and Intellectual Property

  • April 16, 2019
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by Vicky Kanta   One of the most rewarding aspects of being a scientist is inventing new things. Indeed, often enough scientific inventions are so important that the inventor’s rights need to be protected. But how exactly does that process take place? This is where a recent iJOBS workshop comes in, which provided key knowledge on intellectual property and patent law. The invited experts were Elysa Goldberg, PhD, JD and Brian Cocca, PhD, JD. They are both part of a team practicing patent law for the pharmaceutical company Regeneron.

5 types of iJOBS events to try out

  • August 11, 2015 are a few short weeks away from the start of the academic year. For those of you who are new to the iJOBS program, here is a brief summary of the types of events offered that you should test the waters with. I’ve added links to related posts in each category in case you want to learn more about a specific talk. Don't hesitate to contact Dr.

A look inside: Rutgers iJOBS visits Merck

  • June 11, 2015
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Merck Logo By Chris Lowe Kenilworth, NJ – On April 29, 2015 30 iJOBS participants from both Newark and New Brunswick campuses had the opportunity to tour Merck’s Kenilworth facility and learn from a panel of experts from many different walks throughout the company. The theme of the day was “A view from inside pharmaceutical development: perspective on career paths” and it certainly delivered on both counts.