Teaching Resources

Please see below for a useful collection of resources for TAs including information on General Teaching Tips, Active Learning, Assessment, and Teaching with Technology.

Teaching Tips

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Active Learning

The goal of active learning is to enhance students' ability to grasp the concepts and content of a course in a fashion that will result in greater retention of the material. While the pedagogical techniques and approaches can vary widely, all seek to engage students in a fashion that will foster both independent and collaborative learning opportunities.

Inclusive Teaching Checklists

The goal of inclusive teaching is to create a learning environment in which all students perceive to be valued and are able to succeed. The following are checklists with ideas for inclusive teaching strategies that you may choose to implement in your classroom. 


Assessment is a way of looking at how effective we are as instructors and how much our students learn (although this is not always an accurate measure of student involvement or engagement with the course material). How do we know if our students are learning what we want them to learn? Waiting until the end of the semester to find out may not be the best for all involved. Below are some tools and links to assist you with the assessment.

Teaching with Technology

Online Teaching

Rutgers-New Brunswick recommends Canvas as a learning management platform, and supports access to the following conference platforms which integrate with Canvas:

Additionally, free or discounted software are available for students, faculty and staff.

Also, see the workshop page for technology-focused sessions.