Graduate Committee Letter Guidelines

Our program leadership is pleased to offer our students a graduate committee letter. If you are requesting this service, then you will be required to submit a number of items. See the guidelines posted here for specific instructions. Please note that the Rutgers School of Graduate Studies reserves the right to refuse committee letters for students for whom we would recommend with reservations due to poor performance.

  • One letter of recommendation from MBS faculty, associates, or physicians you have shadowed
  • One letter of recommendation from your capstone mentor
  • Your updated CV
  • AMCAS ID and Letter ID or AACOMAS request (if for D.O.) emailed to: or
  • A list of faculty writing your letters

Finally, you will need to submit a detailed autobiographical statement (written in 3rd person) with the following items:

  • A brief synopsis of your education and performance thus far including your recent MCAT score
  • A description of your background
  • A description of the journey you have taken to get you to this point
  • Address AAMC Core Competencies

Email Your Documents

All required documents must be emailed to:

Please make sure your files are sent with your last name, first name. For example:

  • Sierra, Johanna Autobiography
  • Sierra, Johanna CV