Biomedical Sciences – M.S. Degree Program

About Your Eligibility

All applicants must submit their application and supporting documents by the deadline.

Your eligibility for the Master of Biomedical Science Program will be determined by an evaluation of your undergraduate academic record and recommendations from two individuals. You will want to select two people who are knowledgeable about your academic potential. All applicants for admission are required to have a baccalaureate degree that includes the following courses: 

  • General Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics

The majority of our accepted students have a cumulative and science grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher. However, we may still take your application into consideration if you have a lower GPA if your records indicate a marked improvement in the latter years of your undergraduate career.

Please submit your GRE/MCAT/DAT scores as well. You must have taken the respective test within five years of your application date. It is also expected that you score a 500 or higher on the MCAT or a GRE score in the 60th percentile or higher.