Non-Degree Studies

Students with baccalaureate degrees may request permission to enroll in a limited number of courses as non-matriculated students.

What Are Non-Degree Studies?

At Rutgers University, our School of Graduate Studies will accept students with baccalaureate degrees to enroll in a limited number of courses as non-matriculated students. Permission to take non-degree courses is contingent upon fulfillment of the specific course prerequisites and the availability of facilities to accommodate the applicant. Many of our applicants are professionals who are seeking to further their knowledge of biomedical sciences or striving to advance their careers through continuing education.

Deadlines for applying:
Fall Semester- July 15
Spring Semester- November 15

Once accepted, non-matriculated students may enroll for up to 15 credit hours total. Registration is limited to six credits per semester. Students must obtain the approval of the Course Director and the appropriate approval form signed by the Registrar.

Enhance Your Skills + Educational Opportunities


Students being considered for non-degree studies will need to have fulfilled all course prerequisites to be eligible to enroll.


Generally, non-degree studies students will not meet the requirements for financial aid. Learn more about our tuition costs by the credit hour.

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Application Fees

All applicants must submit their application along with the application fee of $70 to be considered for enrollment.

GRE Requirement

Requirements for admission are the same as those for the graduate programs except that GRE scores are not required.

Credit hours

Non-degree students may enroll for up to 15 credits. Registration is limited to six credits per semester.


Preference is given to teachers or professional workers (from neighboring industries and hospitals.