About Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is rigorous, having been pulled directly from our Medical School courses and taught by Medical School Faculty. This will allow students to demonstrate their ability to handle medical school coursework while benefitting from additional knowledge acquisition that will assist in the transition to a full medical school curriculum.

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Program Director
Smita Thakker-Varia, Ph.D.
Email Smita Thakker-Varia, Ph.D.

Course Name

Credits/Course Number

Musculoskeletal Anatomy

(3 Credits) ANAT 5040S

Head and Neck Anatomy

(2 Credits) ANAT 5045S

Cell and Tissue Structure

(2 Credits) ANAT 5010S

Instructional Training A

(0.5 Credit) ANAT 5035S



Spring Required Courses in Semester Two

Course Name

Credits/Course Number

Thoracic Anatomy and CV Sys

(2 Credits) ANAT 5020S

Abdom Anatomy and GI Sys

(2 Credits) ANAT 5030S

Pulmonary-Renal, Endo-Repro Anat

  (3 Credits) ANAT 5050S

Instructional Training B

  (0.5 Credit) ANAT 5036S

Spring Elective Courses in Semester Two

Course Name

Credits/Course Number


(3 Credits) MSBS 5075S


(3 Credits) MSBS 5060S

18 credits are required for the Anatomy Instruction – Certificate Program.

All students are responsible for payment of at least 18 credits of tuition, even if all credits are not completed in residence.

In addition, students completing more than 18 credits will be billed for those credits. Tuition will be charged per credit.