About Your Tuition

You must complete 18 credits required for the Anatomy Instruction program to earn your certificate. All students are responsible for payment of at least 18 credits of tuition, even if all credits are not completed in residence. In addition, students completing more than 18 credits will be billed. Tuition will be charged per credit.

  • All other matriculated students who need payment information, please visit https://rutgers.myonplanu.com/login
  • Students wishing to sign up for the installment plan must do so prior to the billing due date. Any student who elects to use the payment plan and finds it impossible to meet this obligation must contact the Financial Aid Office immediately to make alternate arrangements.
  • Please note that your tuition bill is due immediately following registration or you will be at high risk for non-payment holds and de-registration. Students with completed and approved Financial Aid applications awaiting disbursement of funds should be identifiable to the Business Office in the system as pending aid and would not be flagged for non-payment and would not be de-registered.

**All full-time students will automatically be enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare Insurance plan. Students opting to waive insurance coverage must complete an online waiver each year no later than September 30.

Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Tuition: Full and Part-Time M.S. (NJ Residents)   $ 1,005.00 per credit
Tuition: Full and Part-Time M.S. (Non-Residents)   $ 1,299.00 per credit
Thesis Phase Fee   $ 200.00 per semester
Campus Fee   $ 359.50 per semester
Anatomy Course Fee   $ 500.00 one time fee
Technology Fees   $ 150.00 per year
Health Insurance
(Full-Time students only)**
  $ 2,741.00 annual premium
(every fall semester)
School Fee (GSA)   $ 34.00 per year
Late Registration Fee   $ 50.00
International Student Fee   $ 250.00 per semester